Mapping Personality and Professional Style

PSAQ Questionnaire

The PSAQ questionnaire maps personality, style and attitudes that are relevant in a workcontext. The result is an accessible report with a graphical overview and an easy to read review.

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Who will benefit from PSAQ?


From professionals to entrepreneurs and managers.

PSAQ boasts experience with thousands of respondents at different levels of organizations. We recommend the respondents to have a minimum of six month work experience to use the questionnaire effectively.


Professional Users:

Recruitment and Assessment Professionals; Organizational consultants and coaches who need to identify individual qualities and characteristics.

Hiring managers who are in the process of recruiting or want to have a deeper understanding of their team's profile.


  • Reporting: overview presented in color-coded graphics.
  • Reporting: easily readable and usable text.
  • Portrait of the respondent's self-perception of his/her own professional image.
  • Reporting are available in different languages, regardless of the language in which the respondent completes the questionnaire.
  • Also compatible with Tablet PC (iPad)